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Enabling 10 Sick Hajj Performers in the Mina Share Al-Jadid Hospital to Perform their Hajj Rites
15 October 2013
The Mina Share Al-Jadid Hospital received the medical convoy including the Hajj performers detained in the Hospital after enabling them to ascend the Holy Site of Arafat, and complete their Hajj rites.
Meanwhile, this year's Hajj convoy official, Mr. Mohammed Owaid Al-Motairi noted that a bus equipped with all the medical supplies was prepared to transport the Hajj performers.
He also added that it is being coordinated with a number of volunteers to perform stoning of the devil on behalf of the patients unable to do so. He also added that the patient whose condition improves will be allowed to complete their Hajj rites.
Within the same vein, the Director of the Hospital's Medical Services Department, Dr. Qassem Lmphounm pointed out that the convoy was provided with a medical team trained to attend these cases during the journey to and from Arafat. The medical team is made up of physicians of all specialties and nurses, as well as engineers for the medical devices.
For his part, Dr. Khaled Al-Shahrani made clear that the hospital is part of the Ministry of Health's (MOH) and the Health Affairs Directorate's in Makkah plan aiming annually to ascend the sick Hajj performers unable to perform their rites on the Day of Arafat, through well-equipped buses.
This convoy is usuallyequipped with self-contained medical team and a pool of medical equipment; with cardiac monitoring and resuscitation devices included.
He also noted that this convoy is a distinctive service for the Hajj performershelping them perform their Hajj rites and bring joy into them by completing the pillar rituals.
Al the more, the convoy is accompanied by a fully equipped ambulance; in order to keep a close eye on patients whose health cases could need being imperatively returned to Hospital.
It is worth mentioning that the convoy includes ten sick Hajj performers from India, Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco; of which there areinternally-detainedfive cases, four intensive care cases, and a case of an isolated patient transported by an ambulance.

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