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Providing Interpreters in the Outpatient Clinics of the Arafat Hospitals
15 October 2013
The directors of Arafat hospitals: Arafat General Hospital, Jabal Al-Rahmah Hospital, East Arafat Hospital, and Nimrah Hospital, pointed out that during this year's Hajj season, interpreters were provided in the outpatient clinics in coordination with the various circumbulation foundations.
This aims at not having difficulties communicating with multinational patients. This is due to the Ministry of Health's keenness to provide high quality health services.
In addition to this, it has been taken into account choosing physicians good at speaking more than a language; to draw on them in the interpreting process.
On the other hand, the Director of the Jabal Al-Rahmah Hospital in Arafat, Dr. Wael Hamzah Motair remarked that the Ministry of Health (MOH) recently initiated the Cardiac Referral Program; out of its keenness to rescue patients' lives. Thus, cardiac related cases are transported through ground "ambulances" or air evacuation" to Makkah hospitals according to the plans approved, and through dealing with the coordinators designated by the MOH within a record time; so as not to put a patient's life at risk.

Last Update : 19 October 2013 12:01 PM
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