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319 Scouts Assigned to Serve Pilgrims at the Holy Sites' Hospitals
14 October 2013
The MOH health facilities at the Holy Sites has attracted 319 scouts to serve pilgrims during the 1434-Hajj season, by assuming simple supportive tasks at all the Hajj cities and regions, such as Makkah, Madinah, Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah, with the aim of benefitting from these activities who have been accustomed to discipline and hard work at the health sites where such qualities are crucial.
That is to be carried out by preparing them to the work life, through assigning such simple tasks to them as: arrangement of the entry of pilgrims into health clinics, pharmacies and lanes, as well as guiding wandering pilgrims, and offering help to pilgrims who got exhausted, by way of securing carts to take them all through the health facilities.
That is to be added to getting them accustomed to work at health institutions, introducing them with the various medical specialties, so as to get familiar with them, and enabling them, after the secondary school, to choose to pursue the health paths that the Kingdom is still in need of.
A number of the scouts participating in serving pilgrims at the MOH health facilities in the Holy Sites have expressed their happiness and pride to participate in serving pilgrims during the Hajj season.
Abdulaziz Abdullah al-Jareed (a third-year secondary student), who has been working as a scout for three years, and is participating for the first time in the Hajj scout service, has expressed his pride to serve pilgrims, and said that he has been tasked with arranging the rows of pilgrims willing to enter clinics.
He mentioned that he has had a week long training course, during which he has been trained on how to deal with pilgrims suffering from shortness of breath, diabetes, sunstrokes, or those with heart attacks. This made him more aware of the health services provided at the health facilities for pilgrims.
For his part, Ibrahim Fahad al-Mubarak (a third-year secondary student), who has been working as a scout too, is participating for the second time in Hajj activities. He participated for the first time last year, under the Makkah Municipality.
He said that he is glad to participate in serving pilgrims for two reasons. First, because it is an honor to take part in serving the 'guests of Allah' (pilgrims), and second, because this activity has enabled him to get familiar with the Hajj sites, which makes it easier for him to perform the Hajj rites in the future, given he has become accustomed to such sites as a result of his participation in the Hajj activities.
Abdullah al-Dosari (a second-year secondary student), who has been working as a scout too, and he was so distinguished that he was granted the Falcon Medal, which qualified him to be a world class scout.
He is participating for the first time in Hajj activities, and thanks Allah that he has been granted the opportunity to serve pilgrims in such a well-organized place as the health facility.
He is full of joy to be one of those assigned to serve pilgrims in want of treatment.

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