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The Intensive Care Unit at Makkah Maternity and Children Hospital Provides the 3rd Level of Intensive Care
14 October 2013
The Head of the Intensive Care Unit at Makkah Maternity and Children Hospital, Dr. Attia Saleh al-Zahrani, said that the intensive care unit at the hospital is one of the largest units all over the Kingdom with a capacity of 82 beds, including 55 beds for the third level of intensive care, noting that this unit serves all residents of Makkah due to the availability of most surgical specialties, as well as the Cardiac Center.
Furthermore, Dr. al-Zahrani noted that the stay of the premature infant in such units is determined according to his gestational age; the child who is less then 23 weeks is kept in the unit for a period of two and half months to three months, until the completion of his gestational age, i.e. nine months.
Speaking of the staff, Dr. al-Zahrani pointed out the hospital comprises 12 consultants in neonatal intensive care, 15 specialists in neonatal intensive care, resident physicians of the same number, in addition to other 200 nurses working around the clock.
Dr. al-Zahrani added that if the whole beds in the unit are occupant, the new cases are referred to the private sector and treated at the expense of the Ministry provided that their health condition is stable.
But, if the health condition of the case is critical, the case receives treatment at the hospital. Finally, Dr. al-Zahrani affirmed that the intensive care unit is ready to provide its medical services for premature infants at any time.

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