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Jabal Al Rahmah Hospital Gets Ready to Receive the Hajj Performers on Arafat Day
13 October 2013

Jabal Al Rahmah hospital in the Holy Site of Arafat is among the most important hospitals due to being near the Mount of Mercy as it provides remarkable, self-contained health services for the Hajj performers.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Jabal Al Rahmah hospital, Dr. Wael Hamzah Motair pointed out that the hospital includes 20 outpatient clinics where the Hajj performers are received; and are tackled if need be, with a single clinic for the public health.

Further, there are 14 beds in Emergency Section, three cardiopulmonary resuscitation beds, and a heat stress section. All the more, the hospital was provided with 100 beds in Internal Medicine Section, 17 beds in Intensive Care Unit, two beds for insolation, three operation beds, as well as six beds for coming around. Also, in the hospital, there are a birth-givingbed, endoscopy unit with two beds, and dialysis unit with four beds.

He went on to note that the hospital was equipped with the supportive medical sections, as well as a laboratory section which is provided with the necessary laboratory equipment helping in conducting the due tests in an accurate way.

There are also an X-ray section equipped with five traditional devices, traditional, fixed device; along with a digital device, sonar device, two X-ray digital reader devices working on comforting the sick Hajj performers. Further, pharmacy section, statistics section, and medical register division were prepared; in order to provide all the necessary services for patients
He further pointed out that these sections are managed by a managerial, medical, and technical crew amounting to as close as 310 tasked and seconded members, as well as 44 administrative officials and section heads.

In addition to this, the hospital was staffed by a number of specialists of some specialties to the effect that they reached up to 31 ones and 35 general practitioners.

They were also supported with technicians; in order to operate the supportive medical sections.

They are as following four anesthesia technicians, eight operating technicians, an artificial kidney technician, and sterilization technicians, eight laboratory technicians, a trust official , a legal pharmacist, installation technician, four X-ray technicians, nine technicians,  and data entry clerk.

All the more, the nutrition section was provided with five seconded employees, an engineering crew, and a nursing crew reaching up to 100 nurses, ranging between nursing technicians and intensive care nurses, with male and female nurses included.

All the same, he remarked that the Ministry of Health (MOH) made great efforts; in order to comfort the seconded staff providing these services. To that effect, it provided the appropriate and comfortable housing with 380 bed capacity for males; and 95 bed capacity for females.

It also provided housing with spacious, comfortablemeal-providing halls, along with serving healthy meals.

He also added that several warehouses were established in the hospital; they were divided into medical supply, furniture, and medication warehouses.

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