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WHO: We do not Show Courtesy to the Detrimental of the Public Health
13 October 2013
Mrs. Fadilah Shuaib, the official spokesperson of the World Health Organization (WHO), affirmed that the WHO does not show courtesy to the detrimental of the public health, pointing out that the WHO follows and assesses all the reports released by the Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH).
Not only that, but it pays visit to all hospitals and inspect itself the health situation, and does not rely on what it gets in terms of information. She also made clear that transparency, credibility, readiness and dedication leads and contributes to disease-free Hajj season.

Within the same context, she revealed that the MOH Media Information and Health Awareness Center, during the Hajj season, presents an important media and awareness message for mass media in a highly professional way as the Center includes a constellation of journalists and media veterans who possess journalistic experience in the health field.

She went on adding that our role in the World Health Organization (WHO) is to work on improving the health education all over the world and as regards the Hajj performers in the Holy Sites; in order to prevent disease spread.

She also made clear that mass media regards the WHO as a trusted source providing them with the precise information and statistics, and it is a window to the trustworthy news.

As far as the media role on the health awareness is concerned, she says" the media message which the media professionals are keen to present, and are continuously published in the newspapers cannot be overlooked.
This information is transferred to the WHO website; a thing that does us credit as a key source for the world journalism and being internationally-trusted.

For his part, Tarek Jazivetish of the World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out that his role is concerned with transferring the trusted journalistic information to the WHO.
In addition to this, before travelling to the Saudi Arabia, he read into the role of the Ministry of Health (MOH) in the Hajj season during the last years through the WHO portal, and the Saudi, Arab, and world newspapers.
He also gathered valuable information on what the MOH provides for the Hajj performers in terms of medical examination and treatment; and health education prior to the Hajj season, and its role in raising the Hajj performer's health culture in a way that guarantees their safety. 

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