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Huge Turnout for the Child Theatre Events of the MOH Pavilion in Janadriyah
14 April 2013
The Child Theatre annexed to the MOH Pavilion participating in the 28th National Festival for Heritage and Culture in Janadriyah for 1434H witnessed huge turnout of audiences who have been flocking over the past days and interacted with the recreational, cultural, and educational activities, which were elaborately presented to them.
In the meantime, the Child Theatre had an interactive participation by visitors who acclaimed the educational programs and messages presented to them, as well as the distinctive variety of competitions and prizes which encouraged many of them to participate and interact with the theatre and singing shows.
The Child Theatre presented a repertoire of child-oriented theatre and acting shows distinguished with implanting the useful health concepts and applying the sound habits and practices, as well as making room for children and their families to participate in the shows and competitions.
The educational messages included shedding light on some aiming directives and tips on oral health, first aids, how to deal with burns, smoking dangers, diabetes, and obesity. Also, those performing the theatre shows were interested in disseminating the culture of maintaining public health since the early years and concentrating on the health foods which benefit children and the health of their bodies.
Furthermore, the Child Theatre organized miscellaneous health-awareness competitions, upon which many valuable gifts were handed out to the winning children, who were thrilled to receive such gifts.
Within the same vein, the MOH Pavilion offered a lecture revolving around the Safety and Security Program. The lecture, delivered by Mr. Khaled al-Khaledi, involved an elaborate account of the safety procedures, as well as introducing attendees with the fire types, elements, and ways of extinguishing.  That's to be added to explaining the ways to overcome hospital firs, by means of a plan that ensures rescuing patients in cases of fire (Allah forbid!), in addition to training people on using portable fire extinguishers. The lecture was followed by a screening showing photos of the modern safety methods adopted at hospitals.
Besides, the Referral e-System provided its services for the MOH Pavilion visitors, by booking an appointment for the referral of visitors to hospitals. The Director of Medical Coordination and Treatment Eligibility at Riyadh Health Affairs General Directorate, Dr. Faye' al-Mehiani, made clear that the Referral System (Ehalah) receives visitors of both genders referred by the diabetes and osteoporosis clinics at the Pavilion, after being examined therein. A weekly appointment is booked weekly for cases in need of referral to the Diabetes Clinic of Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Hospital. According to Dr. al-Mehiani, the patient receives a reminder 24 hours prior to the preset appointment, to confirm it.
Al-Mehiani said, “The Referral System helps accelerate the referral of diabetics from health centers to the Diabetes Center of Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz; which alleviates the burden of waiting on patients.”
It is worth mentioning that the Referral System is participating in Janadriyah for the first time. It has witness a significant turnout from visitors willing to enquire about the system, which is reckoned one of the Ministry's newly introduced programs.

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