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MOH to Participate in Janadriyah Festival to Introduce Visitors with its Projects and Achievements
07 April 2013
The Ministry of Health (MOH) is to participate in Janadriyah Festival through a pavilion prepared to introduce visitors with the projects and health services and their development; and the achievements which it has made over years. Through this pavilion, some brochures and pictures are to be displayed; in addition to models of the health projects and clinics which provide their services to the visitors of the festival for free.
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah made clear that the National Festival for Heritage and Culture (Janadriyah) has become one of the intellectual and cultural unity features, pointing out that the MOH's participation in the events of the 28th National Festival for Heritage and Culture in Janadriyah annually organized by the National Guard comes within the framework of the role which the Ministry of Health (MOH) is tasked with on every national occasion. He also added that Janadriyah is a national occasion on which the depth of the glorified history is mixed with the flourishing present and the bright future.

He went on adding that the significance of this festival lies in the fact that it is held under the gracious patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and with the attendance of a huge number of princes, ministers, senior figures and VIPs; in addition to a number of Arab and foreign guests. Meanwhile, the festival includes a wide range of social, cultural, artistic, literary, and folklore events and activities; along with all the Kingdom's regions and a number of ministries and governmental, social, and cultural bodies and departments; of which is the Ministry of Health whose participation comes this year within this national framework. He also expressed his hope that such effective participation realizes the desired success as it serves the success of the events of the festival which enjoys a great local and international participation.
He further affirmed that the participation of the health facilities in the festival is aimed to highlight the huge national achievements which the Ministry of Health has accomplished, as well as educating the community in terms of health and field aspects through the associated clinics and events.
Within the same vein, he pointed out that the MOH's participation comes through a pavilion aiming at familiarizing visitors with the health facilities and health problems, educating community, familiarizing with education campaign through specialized bulletins on diseases and educational campaign. Also, the section reviews stages of health services development in the Kingdom, health services providing, and making a qualitative and quantitative comparison to the health services provided in the Kingdom since the MOH establishment till present time to familiarize the audience with the great role which the Ministry of Health (MOH) played in order to develop these services and bring about quantum leap for health services.
The events and activities of the MOH Pavilion includes reviewing the medical and technical programs which have been recently initiated within the framework of fully fledged strategy to provide the most prestigious health services for patients who are the pivot of the health service. Thus, the Ministry of Health carried out a lot of programs aiming at serving patients realizing the theme "Patient First"; the most important of which are Patient Rights and Relations Program, Bed Management, Visiting Physician Program, HESN, Critical Errors Detection Program, Home Medicine; as well as the oriented programs which aims at upgrading quality and patient safety and human resources development and training programs.
Moreover, the MOH Pavilion reviews the medical cities and specialized hospitals which the Ministry of Health (MOH) embarked upon implementing, of which are King Khalid Medical City in service of the Eastern Province, King Faisal Medical City in service of the southern regions, and the Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Medical City in service of the northern regions, in addition to expansions and clinical additions in both King Abdullah Medical City in Makkah and King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh; as well as the specialized medical centers such as  oncology centers and cardiac centers. Thus, this year's munificent budget witnessed the approval of 3 new centers for cardiac diseases treatment; to be added to the currently existing 9 cardiac centers. That brings up the total to 12 specialized cardiac centers spread in all the Kingdom's regions and governorates.
That's to be added to establishing three oncology centers was approved to be added to the currently existing five oncology centers that brings up the total to 8 oncology centers. As for dental centers, the Ministry of Health (MOH) approved of establishing 6 new specialized centers for dental treatment in a number of the Kingdom's regions. This comes as part of this year's fiscal budget 1434/1435H. 
It is noteworthy to mention that the health projects currently being carried out and prepared will, Allah willing, bring the number of beds in the Ministry of Health (MOH) to double what it was in 1430H. This will make it reach up to 66 thousand beds during the next few years, taking into account the quality and the modern global standard for these facilities.

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