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MOH Directs Safety Tips to Avert the Dust Storm Hitting Some of KSA Regions
16 March 2013
Due to the Ministry of Health’s dedication to maintaining patients' health and safety, during the sand storm that hits some of the Kingdom’s regions, MOH advises all citizens and residents, especially those who have asthma or respiratory diseases, to avoid exposure to dust, stay at home and not leave unless necessary. The Ministry emphasized the importance of wearing protective medical masks when going out during the sand storm. MOH pointed out that dust particles irritate the respiratory system which causes allergic rhinitis.
The MOH Media Information and Health Awareness Center has issued a list of health tips that will contribute to the safety and protection of people against winds and sand storms; such as avoiding direct exposure to dust during sand storms and not leaving home, unless necessary; in addition to following up weather forecasts via TV, Radio or Presidency of Meteorology and Environment website. Moreover, the Media Information and Health Awareness Center stressed the importance of securing doors and windows to prevent dust from entering buildings and houses, taking extra care of personal hygiene during that time of year when winds are more likely to hit, as well as thoroughly wiping dust in houses/buildings, particularly in bedrooms, bed sheets and blankets. 
MOH advised people to wear medical face-masks or use wet towel or gauze during sand storms outdoors or when necessary and change those masks every now and then. As for asthmatic or respiratory patients, according to doctors’ instructions, they must not leave home unless it is necessary, precisely follow their doctor’s instructions and use medication; in order to avoid asthma attacks. Furthermore, for those who have recently undergone an eye or nose surgery, they should not leave their homes in such weather conditions. In case of emergency, MOH urged visiting the closest health center or ER. Also, MOH notified drivers to securely close windows and opening the air conditioner, when necessary, at a proper temperature when driving during sand storms.
With the increasing number of respiratory patients, especially asthma patients visiting health facilities’ due to dust storms, the Ministry of Health reiterated that all its health facilities are ready to deal with and handle emergencies, stating that emergency units are working around the clock in regions affected by dust and sand storms, especially in the Central and Eastern Region, taking all precautions to receive respiratory patients’ emergency cases, both children and adults.

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