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MOH Ready for Launching the Forum Dubbed: “Unity for the Sake of Development” in Taif
05 March 2013
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has completed its preparations for launching the forum of activating sectors' roles in promoting health scheduled to take place in Taif Province under the auspices of His Royal Highness the Governor of Makkah Region, Prince Khalid Al Faisal Al Saud, and with the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz Al Rabeeah, and the Governor of Taif, Mr. Fahd bin Muammar; in participation with various public sector and international organizations. The forum is to be held under the theme: “Unity for the Sake of Development” over two days, 7-8/5/1434H, corresponding to 19-20/3/2013.
During the final meeting of the scientific committee recently held in the Ministry, the Secretary-General of the Council of Health Services (CHS), Supervisor-General of the Scientific Committee of Taif Forum, Dr. Yaqoub Al-Mazrou, asserted that the forum activities will focus on conveying the concept of medical cities program strategy of public and non-public sectors. It will work to activate the significance of social partnership that is considered an essential necessity for the success of this strategy.
Dr. Al- Mazrou clarified that the scientific program supervised by the committee will discuss work methods to be complied with by the main committees and sub-committees in medical cities. It will discuss the methods of dealing with environmental, social, behavioral problems that affect health. In addition, it will focus on highlighting the role of partnership between sectors and the coordination methods adopted by the main committees between governmental and non-governmental sectors to face such problems.
Dr. Al- Mazrou added that the forum will, also, discuss the roles played by entrepreneurs through social partnership programs and projects, besides the roles played by charity organizations and private committees. He pointed out that the integration of these efforts can be achieved by the participation and cooperation in order to reach a sustainable development – Allah willing.
Dr. Al-Mazrou clarified that the committee has discussed all worksheets presented by participants in this forum; they are 22 worksheets, besides 3 worksheets aimed at promoting health by medical cities program strategy.
In conclusion, Dr. Al- Mazrou hoped that this forum would be a great success and that this societal partnership will come into effect within the framework of the global strategy of medical cities that proved success all over the world; as it is considered the optimal solution to overcome all social challenges.

Last Update : 10 March 2013 03:43 PM
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