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MOH Apologizes for the Error Committed Against the Jazani Girl, Vowing Punishment on those Proven Negligent
17 February 2013
The Ministry of Health (MOH) would like to extend its deepest apologies for the dear girl, her parents, all her family and the noble Saudi people, meanwhile, expressing the grief for the critical error which hit one of the female citizens in Jazan. Therefore, the Ministry is keen to reaffirm its commitment to punishing all those proven careless and negligent, as well as maintaining the general and private rights of the girl child and her family.
Moreover, MOH confirms that what happened was due to an individual case of negligence in abidance by applying the adopted criteria of blood banks. Upon detecting such a terrible mistake, MOH immediately proceeded to treat the child in concordance with the highest available medical standards and gave her an anti-virus therapy under the supervision of a specialized medical team in Jazan. Thereafter, MOH has transferred the child to King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSHRC) in Riyadh, in order to maintain her safety, where specialists confirmed their agreement on the treatment given to her upon detecting the case. Over and above, MOH has assigned the medical team to communicate with and consult the specialized centers for further reassurance. Hence, the child will receive the medical care in the right place for her condition according to the competent cadres’ points of view.
The specialist medical team has reassured that there is still an ample opportunity, Allah willing, for averting infection transmission to the girl; due to giving her a modern anti-virus immediately after detecting the case, which reduces the opportunities of infection.
In the same vein, MOH reassures everyone that all blood banks are obliged to apply the latest standards of quality and safety, and the Ministry is uncompromisingly punishing everyone proven to be negligent or careless. Besides, MOH has reaffirmed its directives to the directors of health affairs throughout the regions and governorates, the managers of the hospitals and laboratories and all the concerned officials to firmly keep a close eye on the application of such standards.
Following this terrible mistake, MOH has promptly formed an urgent investigation team of specialists. Furthermore, the committee mandated to consider the violations of Health Profession Practice System and its executive regulation was assigned to study the issue. Based on the recommendations of these committees, MOH has issued the following decisions:
First: Stopping blood donation at the blood bank of Jazan General Hospital, and on its behalf, the blood bank at King Fahd Hospital in Jazan is to ensure the needs of Jazan General Hospital in terms of blood units and its products until the situation is redressed and assessed by a specialist committee. 
Second: Reshuffling the Laboratories and Blood Banks Department at Jazan Health Affairs General Directorate, and mandating the Laboratories and Blood Banks General Department to form a new structure in the region in coordination with the health affairs directorate of the region.
Third: Withdrawing the profession license of the lab technician in charge of blood transfusion, and dismissing him.
Fourth: Dismissing the manager of Jazan General Hospital from office.
Fifth: Dismissing the Medical Director of Jazan General Hospital from office.
Sixth: Dismissing the Director of the Laboratory and Blood Bank at Jazan General Hospital from office, and fining him SR10.000, which is the maximum scheduled punishment for such violation.
Seventh: Removing the Technical Supervisor of the Laboratory and Blood Bank at Jazan General Hospital from office, and fining him SR10.000, which is the maximum scheduled punishment for such violation.
Eighth: Removing the Coordinator of AIDS Program in the region from office, and fining him SR10.000, which is the maximum scheduled punishment for such violation.
Ninth: Removing the Director of Laboratories and Blood Banks in the region from office.
Tenth: Referring the case to the Health Legitimacy Authority of the private right in Jazan.
Eleventh: Referring the issue of the infected donor to the competent authorities to take the necessary actions against him.
While declaring this, MOH has underscored its commitment to the transparency approach and applying the systems and regulations in a manner that achieves the patient’s security and safety. Besides, it will not tolerate any such errors.
Finally we pray for Almighty Allah to bestow health and safety upon all.

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