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Medical Tips for Pilgrims Given by Ms. Reem Al-Qarni
08 October 2012
   Ms. Reem Al-Qarni, a clinical dietician, advised Hajj pilgrims to follow a healthy diet as much as possible to avoid having constipation, dyspepsia, or any other health problems. She also stressed on having healthy, balanced foods during the Hajj days, to the effect that they are divided into at least three main meals as well as light meals when needed. It also stressed on having eight cups of water every day. Ms Al-Qarni gave such tips while interviewed by the MOH's Media Information and Health Awareness Center, within the framework of the program dubbed: “Pilgrims' Health is our Concern”, presented by the MOH for the eighth consecutive year.
Furthermore, Ms. Al-Qarni stressed on the importance of the pilgrims' having the meals directly and avoiding leaving them outside the refrigerator. She also underscored the importance of observing the cleanliness guidelines with regard to the personal hygiene or the cleanliness of the food and its utensils. In addition, she shed light on the importance of not having foods with unknown source, for instance from street vendors, and stressed on the necessity of washing hands before having the food and washing the fresh vegetables and fruits well, along with using clean eating utensils and avoiding having any new foods or not-tried-before foods.
As far as foodborne diseases and prevention means are concerned, Ms Al-Qarni highlighted the importance of observing the cleanliness guidelines (washing hands before eating, knowing the source of food, washing the fresh foods well before eating, avoiding leaving foods in the room temperature for more than two hours, etc.). She also advised to keep foods in cool place after sealing them, and showed the necessity of having proteins immediately after its cooking, since such foods rot easily and quickly.
In the mean context, the Media Information Center has received many questions via the MOH's page on Twitter (@saudimoh). Mr. Reem Al-Qarni provided apt answers for all medical questions and inquiries, and gave important medical tips and guidelines meant to preserve people's health and well-being.

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