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Hajj and Umrah Health Services General Department Reviews the Hajj Workers Directory
16 October 2012
​   Mr. Mohammed Al-Mutairi, Assistant Supervisor-General of Hajj and Umrah Health Services, mentioned that the department, in coordination with the Organization and Methods General Department, comprehensively reviewed the directory of work and procedures of committees and sectors working during Hajj, through the actual fact of these sectors and committees work and development and update of the work of these committees during previous Hajj Seasons. The directory contains explanation of all stages of the work of the ministry committees participating in the Hajj Season Starting from the preparation for work in the hajj season, through the stages of implementation during the hajj season. He pointed out that such directory is a reference for work of all committees and sectors working in the ministry during Hajj season.  

Al-Mutairi added that the department prepared the ministry's plan for Hajj season this year in English and Arabic languages. The plan contains many plans and programs of the ministry. These plans and programs aim at providing integrated health services in accordance with generally accepted standards.  

Al-Mutairi pointed out that the main features of the Health Ministry's preparations for the Hajj season in 1433H include many plans and programs, through the different formed committees and determining authorities and functions of these committees and the officials in charge and the required duration starting from the beginning of preparation period passing the stages of implementation phase and reaching phase of operation and field supervision, through many periodic and ongoing meetings of officials in different committees in the ministry and Mecca and Medina to overcome the obstacles facing workflow in different stages, according to the minister's directives to all officials in the ministry to give the priority to the works of Hajj and proceeding with accomplishing the tasks assigned to each directorate or committee according to its specified mission in order to achieve a positive work on health services level provided to pilgrims during Hajj season. The Hajj and Umrah Health Services General Department heads of related committees and directorates, and representatives of the health affairs in Mecca and Medina follow all about the work of Hajj health services within their respective spheres of competence.

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