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The Media Information Center Hosts Dr. Nisreen Al-Sherbini to Answer Pilgrims' Questions
15 October 2012
   Dr. Nisreen Al-Sherbini, consultant of the epidemic and abdominal diseases, advises the pilgrims to avoid congestion as much as possible. If inevitable it is preferred to wear protective masks to prevent transmission of infection that transmitted in the air via droplets of breath and coughing, especially in throwing pebbles places and Day of Arafat and in the two holy masjids. During hosting Dr. Nisreen Al-Sherbini in Media Information and Health Awareness Center of the Ministry of Health under the program “Pilgrims Health Is our Concern” organized by the Center for the eighth consecutive year through the toll-free number 8002494444 and the account of Ministry of Health on Twitter @saudimoh.

Dr. Nisreen Al-Sherbini has provided tips for the aged people to avoid congestion. Also she advised the pregnant women and people with chronic diseases to postpone the Hajj and to perform it later on. She asserted the importance of taking seasonal influenza vaccination annually, meningitis quartet vaccination (every 3 years, and Hepatitis disease vaccination (B) only once (3 doses).

She pointed out that is necessary for each patient to regularly take his medications and remedies, especially diabetes, heart and pressure patients and not to neglect medications because of preoccupation in performing rites, as human health must be maintained. Dr. Nisreen Al-Sherbini, consultant physician of the epidemic and abdominal diseases, emphasized that prevention is better than cure, and that pilgrims will avoid - Allah willing – diseases if they adhere to simple preventive methods.

She answered the questions received on the account of Ministry of Health on twitter, indicating that bacterial inflammation of the blood usually results as complications of an inflammation in another part of the body such as: inflammation in the urinary tract, pneumonias, wound inflammations, whether in case of diabetics or surgical wounds. Usually such infections require hospital admission for blood farm and other tests to find out the source of germ, also for intravenous antibiotic therapy. Bacterial inflammation of the blood is treated in outpatient clinics only after ensuring the stability of the patient's condition.

She answered one of questions concerning Herpes in children on twitter, which is companion to maladies such as: Tonsillitis, inflammation of the inner ear, pneumonia. Fever generally leads to a herpes rash on gums, mouth and face in children. If the problem is caused by repeated tonsillitis, the child must be checked by an aotolaryngologist.

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