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MOH's Press Release on Coronavirus (One of the Seasonal Influenza Viruses)
22 September 2012
   The Ministry of Health (MOH) has issued a press release pointing out that, within the framework of the Ministry's strenuous efforts to prevent the advent of diseases, as well as its close follow-up and surveillance of all communicable diseases, and proceeding from its keen interest in embracing transparency in all matters related to public health, the Ministry would like to make clear that, with the acceleration of climatic changes, and the coming of the hajj season, a rare viral species of “coronavirus” (one of the widly spread seasonal influenza viruses) was detected. To date, three cases have been found out to be suffering from this virus: the first is a Saudi citizen at a hospital in Jeddah, the second is a Saudi citizen as well, whereas the third is a Gulf citizen in Britain. Two of them died, May Allah have mercy upon them, whereas the thir is still receiving treatment.
In its release, the Ministry explained that coronavirus is a well-known disease, and most cases are very likely to get recovered after receiving the necessary treatment, which is a simple supportive medicine meant to prevent the incidence of complications. Nonetheless, in quite rare cases, a rare species of this virus entails acute complications to the respiratory system and kidneys, which may lead to death – Allah forbid! It is particularly hazardous for the elderly and those suffering from chronic heart and chest diseases, or immunodeficiency.
The Ministry of Health, while revealing this news, is keen to reassure citizens and residents, since the cases are very scare, and the health situation is very assuring. It was made clear that there is nothing to worry about.
Meanwhile, the Ministry is taking this opportunity to call upon all those who wish to perform the Hajj or Umrah rites, from both within and without the Kingdom, to take the necessary vaccinations and adhere to the MOH's instructions, as well as paying close attention to hygiene, washing hands and putting on masks at crowded places.
The Ministry affirms that it is keeping a close eye on all developments taking place in this regard, at the national, regional and international levels, in coordination with the relevant authorities and international health organizations.
We pray for Allah to protect our beloved country from all such harms and diseases, and to bless all of us with health and prosperity.

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