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During the Eid Celebration, Dr. Al-Rabeeah Reveals: “Standards of the Excellence Allowance Approved”
25 August 2012
​   On his own behalf, and on behalf of all the employees of the Ministry of Health (MOH), King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center and the Health Sector, His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, extended his deepest and most sincere thanks and gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, for their keen interest and gracious patronage of the health sector. “This will be evidently reflected in the development of health services in a way that fulfill citizens' aspirations and meets their health needs, thus bringing into reality the sought-after objectives,” Dr. Al-Rabeeah said.
He pointed out that the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, May Allah protect him, has given his orders to allocate a land area of over 2.000.000 m2, at the vicinity of King Abdulaziz International Airport, to establish King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Jeddah Research Center. He approved allocating the amounts necessary for the establishment of the first stage of the hospital. King Abdullah gave his directions, also, to allocate a land area of over 3.500.000 m2, to establish King Abdullah Medical City along the highway connecting between Makkah and Jeddah (al-Shemaisi region). The necessary amounts have been allocated, and the two projects are projected to be awarded soon for the services of the people of Makkah and the neighboring regions in the Western half of our Kingdom.
Dr. Al-Rabeeah was quoted as saying, “All such huge projects reflect the King Abdullah's keen interest in health care, in an endeavor to cover all the Kingdom's regions and provinces. In doing so, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, May Allah protect him, takes the lead towards the accomplishment of justice, and provides access to health services for all citizens and residents. It is expected that theses medical cities and specialist hospitals providing their distinguished services for all over the Kingdom will achieve the objectives appointed in the MOH's health strategy, based on the National Project for Integrated and Comprehensive Health Care.”
During the Eid Celebration held by the Ministry of Health on Saturday at the MOH's Conference Hall, Dr. Al-Rabeeah said, “At the direction of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Ministry of Health shows keen interest in the provision of health services in a way that ensures the accomplishment of justice, high quality, inclusiveness, and accessibility to health services. The benefits of these projects will be reaped over the few years to come, Allah willing.”
It followed that Dr. Al-Rabeeah went on to enumerate the achievements the Ministry has managed to accomplish recently. According to him, 20.000 patients will be benefitting from the home medicine services, which will be provided for them at their homes. That's to be added to 60.000 surgeries performed at MOH hospitals under the Day Surgery Program.
Meanwhile, Dr. Al-Rabeeah revealed good news for all MOH employees, that the standards of the excellence allowance have been approved today, and will be put into effect by the relevant departments according to certain standards and criteria. He added that the delay has been for the employees advantage, as the standards took much time to be very precise unto who deserves the allowance. He hoped that the allowance will stimulate all employees to translate excellence into harder work, more giving, and better services for beneficiaries.
In a relevant context, His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah is signing the contracts of a number of health projects tomorrow morning, at a total cost of four billion riyals, within the framework of the Ministry's unstinting efforts to spread health facilities and provide healthcare throughout the Kingdom's regions and provinces.
The contracts include a number of hospitals with varying capacities, medical towers, and supervision of medical cities, as well as contracts for complementary work of the establishment and equipment of the third batch of primary healthcare centers.

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