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Dr. Al-Anzi: “An Emergency Doctor Is Assigned Only to Lead the Patient's Condition to Stability, Without Diagnosis.”
06 August 2012
​Dr. Sattam Al-Anzi, a consultant of emergency, defined emergency as the unforeseen disease or deficiency abruptly befalling the body functions, or any contingency the patient has not formerly suffered from.
Dr. Al-Anzi reiterated the importance of emergency sections at hospitals. “It is one of the hospital's most important sections,” he said. “Congestion at such sections cannot be denied.
 That's because the emergency section, granted it is an entrance to the hospital, has a limited capacity, and a limited variety of specific cases to deal with. Emergency sections receive emergency cases only. Simpler cases can head for health centers.”
“The emergency doctor's task is confined to leading the patient's condition to stability. He isn't assigned to provide a precise diagnosis. It is true, some cases are easy to diagnose, but other need more accurate tests,” Al-Anzi added.
Dr. Al-Anzi made this clarification during his interview at the MOH Media Informatin and Health Awareness Center, held on Monday, 6/8/2012, within the framework of “Your Health in Ramadan” program.
 He received many questions centered on emergency-related issues, such as how to deal with emergency cases, and when to move the patient to the emergency section. He provided apt answers for all such questions, as well as how to deal with the emergency cases of diabetics, patients with hypertension, kidney patients, pregnant women, etc.
It is worth noting that the Ministry of Health (MOH) has recently launched a comprehensive health-awareness campaign called: “Your Health in Ramadan”, under the theme: “Make Ramadan Healthy and Balanced”. Within the framework of this campaign, numerous health-awareness programs will be presented and aired on radio and TV channels, and inside health facilities, aside from the online campaign.
 Every day in Ramadan, the Center will be interviewing doctors specialized in various medical specialties, to receive people's questions and inquiries through the toll-free number: 8002494444, and social networks (Twitter) from 1 to 3 pm.
 It is basically intended to highlight the importance of a well-arranged dosing system, and provide medical tips and consultations during the holy month.
Tomorrow, Tuesday, 7/8/2012, the Center is interviewing Dr. Mustafa Youssef, a cardiologist.

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