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Dr. Memish Commends the Activities of Aramco Cultural Program Hosted by Riyadh
16 July 2012
   The Deputy Minister of Health for Public Health, Dr. Zeyad Memish, has commended the activities of Aramco Cultural Program, hosted by Riyadh. He was quoted as saying, “Actually, I was glad to see all such distinctive, exciting and captivating activities, which are useful all family members. I took a good tour through the programs oriented towards education, health awareness and entertainment.”
Dr. Memish made this announcement after his tour through the various activities of the program, where he was received by the Director of Aramco Affairs in Riyadh, Mr. Khaled bin Abdullah Al-Remaih, and his deputy, the supervisor of the program, Mr. Ya'reb Al-Thanian, as well as the deputy supervisor of the MOH Pavilion, Mr. Ahmed Al-Zubaidi, and a number of Aramco's senior officials. The visit included a tour through the specialized exhibits and pavilions; namely: the Health Oasis, the Knowledge Oasis, the Child Oasis, Eve Oasis, Safety Pavilion, KACST Pavilion, Energy Pavilion, Environment Pavilion, Aramco World Pavilion, Education Experts Pavilion.
The Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Memish, took a look, besides, at the valuable educational activities, scientific lectures, and cultural competitions for children, as well as workshops for men and women in oratory, self-confidence, and how to put ideas into action, and ignite innovation, beside many other social, cultural and health issues. They were presented by a constellation of trainers and specialists from the sectors participating in the program.
In addition, Dr. Memish listened to a presentation on the health awareness services provided by the MOH Pavilion represented by the Media Information and Health Awareness Center, the Breast-cancer Control Program (ways of early detection and prevention), and the Prevention of Diseases Program, which offers medical tests and examinations of hypertension, diabetes, weight and height. That's to be added to health tips related to healthy diet, the Anti-smoking Program, blood tests and donations (laboratories and blood banks), aside from the osteoporosis section and the health awareness mobile exhibit.
In a relevant development, the health/educational competition of Aramco Cultural Festival, organized by the Ministry of Health within the framework of its summer health awareness campaign, went on yesterday, making good use of the cartoon character: “Sayyouf”. Sayyouf shed light on several health issues important for individuals and the whole community, especially in summer vacations, including food safety, park safety, swimming pool safety, in addition to prevention of sexual diseases and home accidents. It also placed particular emphasis on food balance, exercise, prevention of addiction, and the excessive use of electronic devices. The Ministry of Health has been keen to organize such a campaign emanating from the fact that the summer is characterized by certain weather conditions, making people disposed to change some of their habits, by traveling and stay outdoors for long time, thereby unleashing the positive energy of both adults and children, away from the work and study burdens usually associated to other seasons.

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