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MOH Launches an Educational Health Competition at Aramco Cultural Festival
11 July 2012
   Within the framework of the MOH's summer health awareness campaign, in which the cartoon character “Sayouf” plays a crucial role, the Ministry has launched an educational health awareness competition for the visitors of Aramco Cultural Festival, which will come to a close by the end of this month. The Director of MOH Media Production Department, and supervisor of the campaign, Mr. Khaled Al-Deraibi, pointed out that the competition, under the theme: “Take a vacation and travel, to return healthier and refreshed”, is basically meant to help put into action the objectives of the campaign. The campaign is intended to raise people's health awareness and change their attitudes towards the unhealthy habits and practices usually associated to the summer vacation. It also aims to make people more inclined to adopt healthy behaviors during this season, and familiarize them with the health problems related to vacations, as well as their complications and effects on the individual and societal health. In doing so, the campaign underscores the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles, based on healthy food and exercise, to keep healthy and lively. Therefore, the campaign encourages people to follow healthy lifestyles during summer. It basically targets travelers and summer-vacationers for three weeks.
The pavilion has witnessed intensive attendance, for it provides health awareness activities, and comprehensive medical examination for visitors; including the measurement of vital signs, bone mass indicators (BMI), blood sugar, and osteoporosis. That's to be added to providing health tips related to food balance, exercise, and alleviating the risk factors (excessive intake of fats, sugars, etc.)
It is worth mentioning; “Sayyouf” will be shedding light on several health issues important for individuals and the whole community, especially in summer vacations, including food safety, park safety, swimming pool safety, in addition to prevention of sexual diseases and home accidents. It will also place particular emphasis on food balance, exercise, prevention of addiction, and the excessive use of electronic devices. The Ministry of Health has been keen to organize such a campaign emanating from the fact that the summer is characterized by certain weather conditions, making people disposed to change some of their habits, by traveling and stay outdoors for long time, thereby unleashing the positive energy of both adults and children, away from the work and study burdens usually associated to other seasons.

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