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The MOH Pavilion at Aramco Exhibition Conducts Medical Examination on its Visitors
27 June 2012
   Within the framework of the MOH's participation in the Aramco Summer Cultural Program, held in Riyadh, the Ministry of Health, through its pavilion, is carrying out a program meant to conduct medical examination on its visitors (women), to detect breast cancer. Over the past four days, 63 cases have undergone clinical examination, as well as mammogram examination.
Mr. Ahmed Al-Zubaidi, the deputy supervisor of the MOH Pavilion, pointed out that the Ministry, by providing medical examination of breast cancer, seeks to detect this disease early, and raise women's awareness of the nature and risk factors of the disease, as well as drawing their attention to the pivotal importance of early detection, and training them on how to conduct self-examination.
Al-Zubaidi said, “The participation of the MOH Cancer Control Program came in the form of screening a number of health awareness movies, to raise people's awareness of breast cancer. Besides, the mobile clinic takes part in conducting the clinical examination and mammogram imaging to detect the disease early, if existent, and encourage over-forty women, and women with family history of breast cancer, to conduct early examination of the disease. It is also assigned to register the information of those willing to undergo the examination, take the proper action, follow up those proven to be patients, and provide an appropriate therapeutic plan if needed.”
He went on to say, “The MOH Pavilion has conducted comprehensive medical examination on 338 men and 409 women, osteoporosis examination on 289 men and 246 women, and smoking examination (lung efficiency) on 61 cases. Besides, the carbon monoxide was measured for 82 cases, and health consultations were provided for 314 persons, as well as disseminating posters and flyers on 68 persons.”
“In addition to that,” Al-Zubaidi added, “the Ministry provides health awareness activities through the mobile exhibition, which consists of eight sections: an examination clinic, the osteoporosis section, the blood bank section, the healthy lifestyle clinic, the protection against smoking section, and the information and health awareness section, where visitors get familiarized with the services provided by the Media Information and Health Awareness Center, especially the toll-free telephone service, as well as the activities provided by the center (educational campaigns, programs, etc.)”
The MOH-associated news and activities are discussed on social networks (Facebook and Twitter), as well as the MOH Portal. The Ministry participates with a section dedicated for measuring osteoporosis. Another section is exploited as a mobile health-awareness exhibition, designed in a peculiarly innovative manner, making use of models, seeking to deliver the necessary health messages effectively.

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