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MOH Celebrates the World No-Tobacco Day
30 May 2012
   In the presence of the Assistant Deputy Ministry for Primary Healthcare, Dr. Mohammed Ba-Soliman, the Ministry of Health (MOH), in cooperation with Prince Salman Social Center, organized an awareness campaign on the dangers of smoking, under the theme: “Stop Tobacco Industry Interference”. The ceremony was held on June 4th, 2012, on the occasion of the World No-Tobacco Day.
The ceremony began with a qur'anic citation, following which the Supervisor-General of Anti-Smoking Program, Dr. Majed bin Abdullah Al-Mnaif delivered a speech, expressing his appreciation for Prince Salman Social Center, for his effective cooperation and precious contributions to raising people's awareness. Then, Dr. Al-Menaif went on to enumerate the deceptive publicity methods adopted by tobacco mongers to promote their products and attract more tobacco victims, by using such elusive methods as flavoring tobacco. He said, “This year's MOH Anti-Smoking Program stands out as a good starting point for all authorities to fight smoking effectively and strenuously. This is to be carried out through anti-smoking training courses and awareness campaigns. It is estimated, according to international statistics, will lead up to the death of over one billion people around the world over this century. And in their quest to put an end to this imminent danger, most countries have embraced a global anti-smoking chart.”
This was followed by a screening on the MOH achievements in the field of anti-smoking. And then Dr. Eman Al-Sayari, a specialist, gave a lecture at the Women's Section on: “Women .. and Tobacco Industry”, in which she made clear that women are targeted by tobacco mongers seeking to accumulate greater profits. She also shed light on the dangers of smoking on women's skin and reproductive health. One way of the above-mentioned deceptive attraction of women is the production of the so-called “light cigarettes”, and packaging them in an attractive and elusive manner, as well as relating beauty and womanhood to smoking. She also highlighted the dangers of smoking hookah on women. 
In his address to citizens, Dr. Ba-Soliman encouraged them to uphold their rights by allowing no smoking at public places. It didn't escape his notice, also, to commend the resolution made by His Royal Highness the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs banning selling tobacco products at all shops and malls for people under 18. Then, Mr. Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, a member of the center, presented a poem on the dangers of smoking.
It is worth mentioning that, early that day, the Women's Section of the Anti-Smoking Program held a number of events at Prince Salman Social Center for the center's visitors. One of these events was an awareness exhibition, including several awareness models, and a screening on the dangers of smoking and passive smoking, as well as a large number of health brochures and posters on the dangers of smoking and the ways to fight it. That's to be added to a consulting center run by a number of female specialists, with the aim to receive women's questions and inquiries on smoking and provide apt answers and tips for them. The events included, also, a technological section, to get people familiarized with the websites of the MOH Anti-Smoking Program, which provide a variety of counsels, studies, and awareness researches in the field of anti-smoking. There was also the drawing section, in which visitors participated with expressive and significant drawings on the dangers of smoking.

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