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Transfer of 1226 MOH Employees under the New Staff Mobility Mechanism
04 June 2012
   At the direction of His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, stipulating the adoption of the new staff mobility mechanism recently approved to be carried out at the Ministry of Health (MOH) and its sectors. It also stipulated mandating the directors-general of health affairs directorates at the Kingdom's regions to put this mechanism into effect, seeking to make the enactment of transfer decisions more flexible and feasible. In this context, a number of 1226 MOH employees, distributed throughout the Kingdom's regions and provinces, have been transferred, under the first phase of the approved staff mobility movement.
It should be noted, in this regard, that it is the first time for the Ministry to approve a new staff mobility mechanism. This is the first phase of the staff mobility movement, and the second phase will be carried out next Dhul-Qidah. The names of employees included in this year's staff mobility movement have been published on the MOH Portal.
The Director-General of MOH Personnel Affairs, Mr. Mohammed bin Abdulmohsen Al-Mowis, pointed out that this year's staff mobility movement is planned to be carried out on two phases. Transfer could be within the same province or region, or from one health affairs directorate to another in different provinces and regions. In doing so, the Ministry of Health (MOH) is keen to put into action the principle of justice among MOH employees willing to have internal transfer (within the same region), or between regions, in accordance with certain, clear-cut standards approved by His Excellency the Minister of Health. All health directorates are obligated to comply with these standards, after meeting all the transfer regular requirements, in a way that maintains the principles of justice and equality of opportunity among all the Ministry's sectors. Besides, health affairs directorates will have to update the data and information of their employees on the Personnel Affairs System, so as to maintain equality when calculating their strengths and weaknesses, upon which the differentiation depends, thus meeting employees' demands to the extent possible. In addition, certain standards have been put forward for employees with special circumstances.
Dr. Al-Mowis added, “The Ministry of Health (MOH) shows keen interest in the enactment and obligation of the approved mechanism and standers of staff mobility. In this spirit, a committee was formed with the aim to consider the transfer requests submitted to each directorate, in accordance with the conceded mechanism and standards. The staff mobility movement is carried out on two phases; the first phase from 1 to 30 Jumada I, and the second phase from 1 to 30 Dhul-Qidah of each year. Right now, work is underway to complete the Staff Mobility e-Program, in coordination with the competent department. Once completed, it will be adopted and obligated at all health affairs directorates throughout the Kingdom.”

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