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CBAHI Board of Trustees Holds its 2nd Meeting in Riyadh
19 May 2012
   The Board of Trustees of the Central Board of Accreditation for Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) has held its second meeting of the seventh session under the auspices of His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Health for Planning and Development, and the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Mohammed bin Hamza Khoshaim. The meeting was held at Dr. Khoshaim's Office, at the MOH Headquarters, and was attended by the Secretary-General of the Board and number of members.
At the outset of the meeting, Dr. Khoshaim underscored the importance of such regular meetings aiming to follow up workflow, and oversee the implementation of plans and programs. He also expressed his appreciation for the role of Board members in the formulation of its policies, and innovation of developmental ideas and proposals meant to help the Board assume its responsibilities, and achieve its aspirations to the quality and efficiency of the healthcare services provided in the Kingdom. That's to be added supporting health institutions to achieve the highest quality standards, seeking to improve the health services and enhance patients' satisfaction.
The meeting discussed the latest developments with regard to the accreditation of the CBAHI by the International Society for the Quality of Healthcare (ISQua), and the accreditation of public and private hospitals, as well as the developments that have to do with the development of the National Standards of Health Accreditation. That's to be added to the accreditation standards of primary healthcare centers. Assessment visits are to be paid to these centers as of the final quarter of this year. The accreditation standards of medical laboratories and private medical centers were given, also, close attention.
Participants in the meeting listened to the presentation given by the Secretary-General of the Board, Dr. Salem bin Abdullah Al-Wahhabi, in which he gave an elaborate account of the developments concerning the categorization of private hospitals, and the standards and requirements of the establishment of health institutions. He also got attendees familiarized with the plan prepared for the development of the website of the Board, as well as the Health Accreditation Magazine, issued by CBAHI. It is the first magazine of its kind throughout the Arab World to be dedicated to the fields of health accreditation, health quality and patient safety. “It is projected to come up to the light very soon,” he said.
Following the meeting, His Excellency the Chairman of the Board announced, “The vigorous medical development of the Kingdom's health sector, and its expansion in terms of both quantity and quality, add a great deal to the burden incurred by the Board. Therefore, the Board has only to cope with such momentous developments, by way of more programs and activities, seeking to ensure the application of the highest standards and requirements in the provision of health services akin to those provided in the Developed World.”
“We count on the role of the Board of Trustees and its members (from both the public and private sectors) in the promotion of its performance, in a way that accomplishes its vision and aspiration,” Dr. Khoshaim concluded.

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