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Ministry of Health Refuses to Receive Dialysis Chairs
23 April 2012
   The Ministry of Health (MOH) has refused to receive the dialysis chairs intended for a number of the health affairs directorates at various regions. The Ministry has also returned the above-mentioned chairs to the supplier company, and determined not to pay its financial receivables. These actions have been taken by MOH on finding out that the supplied chairs do not meet the agreed-upon quality standards, and do not comply with the tender's requirements and specifications. Therefore, MOH has embarked on taking the legal procedures followed in such cases, in accordance with the government procurement system.
This action, taken by the Ministry, comes within the framework of its robust quest for carrying the health services provided at its facilities to perfection, seeking to provide best-quality services for the Saudi people, preserve their health and well-being, and, accordingly, gain their contentment. In this spirit, the Ministry vigorously proceeds on the ongoing development of medical and non-medical equipment, in a way that meets the health sector's requirements, in accordance with demanded technical standards and specifications; thus keeping pace with the latest and most advanced medical techniques.

Last Update : 23 April 2012 02:46 PM
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