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Dr. Al-Monaif Opens a Training Course on Health Education Skills of Anti-Smoking
10 April 2012
  The Supervisor-General of the MOH Anti-Smoking Program, Dr. Majed bin Abdullah Al-Monaif, opened yesterday, in Makkah, a training course on health education skills in the field of anti-smoking. The course, planned to last for 3 days, is organized by the Anti-Smoking Program, in cooperation with the MOH Training and Scholarship General Department. It is attended by 30 trainees of the anti-smoking staff in Makkah, Taif and Qunfudah.
Dr. Al-Monaif acclaimed the colossal efforts made by the Program's coordinators at the various regions seeking to raise the society's awareness of this devastating scourge. Meanwhile, he thanked the Training and Scholarship General Department for its continuous support, which helps organize the anti-smoking programs on time, as well as removing all obstacles and impediments. Besides, he extended his thanks to the Director-General of Health Affairs in Makkah and the Program staff for their substantial contributions, and all those involved in this course (lecturers, employees, etc.).
The course plan includes, on its first day, a lecture on smoking and its health hazards, and another lecture on therapeutic techniques of anti-smoking, in addition to a workshop on the elements of health education. On the second day, there will be a lecture on behavioral theories in educating individuals and communities, shedding light on how to change behaviors in a way leading to quitting smoking, in addition to a workshop on how to develop programs for the promotion of preventive health and awareness campaigns in the domain of fighting smoking. On the third day, there will be a lecture on the social, environmental and behavioral determinants on smoking; in addition to two workshops, the first of which is devoted to the modern and advanced techniques of anti-smoking awareness, and the second is on how to innovate a tool or technique of anti-smoking awareness.

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