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Al-Hujaily signed 3 contracts for Processing and Medical Furnishing for Baljurashi Hospital
03 April 2012
   In the context of efforts carried out by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to speed processing and operation of Baljurashi Hospital with a capacity of 500 beds, General Manager of Administrative and Financial Affairs in Ministry of Health Mr. Saad Al-Hujaily have signed 3 contracts with a number of national companies for processing and medical furnishing for Baljurashi Hospital with a total cost of 94,325,940 riyals.
Mr. Al-Hujaily also signed a contract to provide special needs of hospitals' housing of furniture and electrical appliances to all regions of the Kingdom (Second Phase) with a cost of 21,822,375 riyals, in addition to the signing of a contract for equipping and furnishing of Al Imam Abdul Rahman Al Faisal Hospital in south of Riyadh, and Al-Homeyat Hospital with a cost of 32,259,545 riyals, in addition to the signing of a contract for maintenance and operation of computers at King Saud Medical University in Riyadh, with an amount of 35,200,000 riyals, and signing a contract of tender for the supplies of orthopedic surgery and spine; Bay (7) with an  amount of 68/40.537.504 riyals.
Mr. Al- Hujaily clarified that these contracts, which a total cost of (68/224.145.364) riyals were signed with a follow-up and supervision of His Excellency the Minister of Health; is considered as an extension of the contracts implemented by the ministry for this year as a part of several competitions in the context of the ministry's pursuit to provide health services to the fullest and at the highest levels of implementation directed by the governors' directives – May God protect them – for the development of health services and upgrading the performance of health facilities to meet the health needs of citizens, contribute in patient service, gaining his satisfaction and achieving the slogan (patient At first).

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