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Dr. Al-Rabeeah Inaugurates the Drug Formulary on the MOH Portal
01 April 2012
   His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, inaugurated this morning, at his office, the Drug Formulary on the MOH Portal. Following the inauguration, he pointed out that this step comes in compliance with the Royal directives meant to raise the level of health services, and provide best-quality health care for the Saudi people.
According to Dr. Al-Rabeeah, this formulary, prepared by the Ministry of health, covers all medicines necessary for patients. It is the first formulary to include, also, instructions on how to make best use of the formulary, as well as pharmaceutical action policies. He said, “We wish that this formulary will contribute to the development of work procedures in pharmacies, and the improvement of work performance in medical supply departments. It is hoped that everyone could benefit from this formulary. It is but the starting point, and will be followed by other steps towards gaining patients' satisfaction and bringing into action the MOH's slogan: Patient First.” Concluding his address, he thanked all those involved in the preparation of this formulary. 
For his part, the Advisor to the Minister of Health, and Director-General of Medical Supply and Equipment, Dr. Salah Al-Mazrou', pointed out that the Ministry of Health, for the first time, has issued a drug formulary encompassing all the drugs and medicines approved and registered by the Ministry of Health, so as physicians and pharmacists could refer to it whenever need be. He said, “A meeting was held with the Drug Auditing Committee to update the formulary. A large number of new drugs has been added, and some old ones have been omitted. Through the drug formulary, any physician or pharmacist will be able to know what the drugs available at the MOH facilities are.”
Dr. Al-Mazrou' went on to affirm that the MOH Drug Formulary has been audited by a number of committees (formed by the departments of curative medicine, preventive medicine, mental health and primary health care). He added that he has allowed regions in need of certain medicines, which could not be obtained from other regions, to by such medicine directly. He made clear, also, that the currently available drugs in MOH (including the recently added ones) could be entirely depended upon in the treatment of all diseases.
As his address drew to a close, Dr. Al-Mazrou' the Drug Formulary Program, launched on the MOH Portal, enables physicians to view and search the available drugs. Formulary handbooks, along with CDs, have been distributed to physicians and pharmacists. They could store the CDs on their personal computer, or any other computer, so as to get familiarized with the drugs available, drug abbreviations, the required drugs, as well as the way to add or omit a certain drug.
He further explained that logistic information has been added under these categories: Code No., Medication, Strength and Dosage Form. It includes, also, a drug list for primary health care centers, and another drug list for hospitals, under certain conditions and within certain restrictions, with regard to prescription and dispensing: such as controlled drugs and narcotic drugs. Besides, important forms have been added: (Formulary Addition Request Form and Procurement Request Form).

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