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Al-Rabeeah Gives Orders Not to Offer Support Letters to Attract Technical Cadres with Health Diplomas
18 March 2012
   In line with the Royal directives implied in the Royal Decree No. A/121, dated 23/5/2012, that has to do with urgent short-term solutions for holders of health diplomas, His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah has given his orders to health directorates at all regions and provinces not to offer support letters to attract technical letters with health diplomas to work at the private health sector, unless the applicant in need of such a letter obtains, from the Ministry of Labor, a document proving that there aren't any Saudis enrolled at the waiting list of the demanded specialty. This decree is meant to ensure the employment of graduates of both genders at the private sector, according to the need to their specialties.
It is worth mentioning that this directive is further to a former MOH circulation focused on the attraction of medical and technical cadres working at the private health sector. The circulation stipulated obtaining a support letter in case of the non-availability of Saudi cadres registered at the Ministry of Civil Service, qualified to occupy such jobs. It also comes within the framework of the “Nitaqt Program”, intended to nationalize (Saudize) jobs, currently embraced by the Ministry of Health (MOH).
In addition, the Ministry is keen to make clear that holders of health diplomas (after obtaining the secondary school certificate) are nominated to jobs with the job description: “technician”. The Ministry has already employed over 90.000 health-diploma holders so far. It should be noted, also, that the Ministry does not employ non-Saudis except for those with the job description: “specialist” – i.e., university graduates, as well as technicians of rare medical specialties; those which are difficult to be occupied by Saudis. Such procedures are carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Civil Service and the Ministry of Labor. Furthermore, such jobs are considered “vacancies” to Saudis, provided their competency to occupy these jobs.
As for temporary jobs, the Ministry announces them four times a year, and gives the opportunity to apply to the available jobs, including those occupied by employed with contracts. Applicants could apply to any job occupied by a contract-employee, provided meeting the qualification requirement, with no regard to experience.

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