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“How Is Your Health” Is the Slogan of the Awareness Campaign Launched by MOH in Janadriyah Festival
20 February 2012
    Under the theme: “How is your health”, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched a health awareness campaign at the MOH Pavilion in Janadriyah Festival. The campaign is primarily meant to heighten the awareness of all community members in general, and the festival's visitors in particular. This campaign encompasses a wide diversity of awareness events and activities, in addition to the dissemination of educational brochures and leaflets, and the measurement of participants' vital signs.
On a relevant matter, the Anti-Smoking Section at the MOH Pavilion in Janadriyah Festival (27) has received a large number of visitors attracted by the useful and interesting means and models of awareness offered at the section, showing the dangers of smoking on both smokers and those affected by passive smoking. The section, besides, provides substantial preventive and curative services. Every day, more than 200 people are examined for lung contamination. That is to be added to 50 anti-smoking drug packages provided on a daily base for those intending to cease smoking. In addition, many valuable gifts were given out to the public after answering the questions of the competition centered upon the MOH Pavilion and its services, as well as educational information, brochures and leaflets on the dangers of smoking.  
For their part, the foreign visitors residing in the Kingdom, those who called on the Anti-Smoking Section, were very much impressed by the valuable educational information provided by the section on the dangers of tobacco-use (both direct and indirect/passive smoking). Such information was explained in an interesting way, clarifying the hazards triggered by smoking on the smoker's lungs, as well as the stages of the damage caused to the lung by tar and nicotine.
In the same context, the section of King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital has conducted optometry testing on a large number of visitors, and provided important tips and consults, in addition to disseminating educational brochures and leaflets on vision problems, and the ways of prevention and treatment. A number of the examined cases were discovered to be suffering from farsightedness, whereof they did not have the faintest idea.
It is worth mentioning in this respect that the Ministry of Health participates in this year's festival with a large pavilion including over 20 sections, offering various events and activities. The MOH's theater was heavily attended by numerous visitors, who promptly interacted with its educational, cultural and entertainment activities, aside from competitions and gifts. The theater embraced various lectures on oral health, first aid, treatment of burns, harms of tobacco-use, diabetes, blood-pressure diseases and obesity.

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