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Dr. Al-Hawasi Underscores the Importance of Entrenching the Culture of Home Healthcare
26 November 2011
   Dr. Mansour bin Nasser Al-Hawasi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health (MOH) for Executive Affairs, has called upon the officers of home medicine programs to exert more efforts and make more endeavors in pursuit of entrenching the culture of home healthcare in all the members of the society. This can only be brought about by providing high-quality services for patients in their places of residence.
On inaugurating the Second Regular Meeting of the General Directors of Health Regions, at Riyadh Palace Hotel, Dr. Al-Hawasi has declared that the fleet of the Home Healthcare Program has been supported with a number of vehicles and equipments, in addition to adopting the automation program with a view to providing the qualified manpower to best undertake the Program's responsibilities. Al-Hawasi stressed the importance of attaining the best desired results, in light of the great potential and capabilities provided by the government.
For his part, Dr. Nasser Al-Huzeim, Supervisor-General of the Home Medicine Program, has revealed that the culminative number of patients served by the home medicine program, approved by the His Excellency the Minister of health, has amounted to over 10.000 patients of both genders, provided with several medical activities, such as palliative care for patients with tumors, serious cases and chronic diseases (blood pressure, diabetes and cardiac diseases), as well as patients with chronic respiratory diseases and wounds, in addition to patient receiving tubular and vascular nutrition, and those suffering from nervous diseases, brain strokes, and urology patients.
It is one of the most important programs adopted by the Ministry of Health, Dr. Al-Huzaim said, pointing out that this is owing to the numerous privileges of its output, including the provision of curative, preventive, social, and awareness healthcare for patients in their places of residence.
“We are meeting today to review, discuss and update our information on work mechanisms,” Al-Huzeim continued, “Also, the program administration proceeds its work; developing and updating the work system, tasks and mechanisms, after obtaining the approval of the organization structure, and designating the coordinators and work teams, and training them in successive courses and workshops, credentialed by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. So far, the Program has accomplished very reasonable success, in pursuit of the provision of its services in all the Kingdom's regions.”

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