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MOH's Advanced Medical Equipment Helps Rescue a Critical Case
08 November 2011
   The advanced technologies introduced by the Ministry of Health to the emergency and field medicine helped rescue a critical case, as the ambulance could not take the patient to the hospital because of the overcrowding and congestion of large numbers of pilgrims in the Holy Places.
The Chairman of the Committee of Information Technology in Hajj Dr. Mohammed bin Rashed Al-Yamani has explained that the ambulance driver reported to the control room that he could not move inside Haram area.
At once, the ambulance could be located, and the driver was guided to the nearest hospital, and how get to it, by using the Geographic Information System (GIS). Thereafter, the Ambulance Tracking System (ATS) was used to accurately determine the location of the vehicle and track its movement on the screen. It followed that the control room communicated with the driver through the wireless communication system, and directed him to alternative ways, through which he could to get to the hospital. The driver, thus, managed to reach the nearest hospital, and the patient has been rescued, thank goodness.
Dr. Mohammed Al-Yamani added that the Smart Work Program is used to determine the number of vacant beds appropriate for the case, and to communicate with the hospital through visual communication to explain and follow up the case; pointing out that all these systems exist in one place with large screens in the Control Center at Mena Emergency Hospital.

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