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For the 2nd Consecutive Year, MOH Launches “Ijad” System for the Service of Pilgrims
08 November 2011
   For the second consecutive year, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched “Ijad” (Find) system on the web for the service of pilgrims, Tawafa institutions and Hajj campaigns.
According to the Dr. Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Yamani, head of the Hajj IT Committee, the Ministry of Health makes every effort to harness all its capabilities to serve the 'guests of Allah', facilitate their performance of the Hajj rites, and provide all the health services that would enable them to enjoy a safe Hajj. For this reason, and proceeding from the Ministry's staunch belief in the indispensible necessity of the exploitation of technology to facilitate and accelerate the work of the Kingdom's health institutions generally, and the Holy Places specifically, the Ministry has launched “Ijad” system on the web for the service of pilgrims, Tawafa institutions and Hajj campaigns.
Dr. Al-Yamani pointed out that “Ijad” system is a continuation of the Ministry's ongoing pursuit of employing technology in the provision of health serviced during Hajj. Connected with all the relevant hospitals in the Holy Places (in Makkah and Madinah), this system enables pilgrims (and all who are concerned) to report missing persons during the performance of Hajj rites, and search for them in all the surrounding hospitals.
As an online service available on the web in Arabic and English, Dr. Al-Yamani added, all internet users can benefit from it without any restrictions. This system also notifies the authors of communications, through e-mail and cell phone, if there is a matching with the details they submitted; in addition to helping hospitals search for the matching between the details of inpatients and the details submitted by pilgrims, Tawafa institutions or Hajj campaigns.
Concluding his statement, Dr. Mohammed Al-Yamani, head of the Hajj IT Committee, affirmed that the impulse driving the Ministry of Health towards the development of “Ijad” system has been ensuring a means of communication between the injured and lost on the one hand, and Tawafa institutions and Hajj campaigns on the other hand; thereby helping “find” injured or missing pilgrims without the need to frequent the various hospitals, and enabling to know the details of hospitals hosting the injured and missing pilgrims.

Last Update : 19 November 2011 09:15 AM
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