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Heads of Hajj Missions Commend the Kingdom's Efforts in Serving the Pilgrims
07 November 2011
The heads of a number of medical Hajj missions have extended their thanks and gratitude to the Saudi Government for its colossal efforts intended to provide pilgrims with best-quality services in all fields. They pointed out that the Kingdom showed keen interest in serving the 'guests of Allah'. This was well reflected in the provision of the best and fullest healthcare services in all hospitals and health centers, as well as supplying them with the state-of-the-art medical equipment. However, they expounded, such efforts should come as no surprise, given the Kingdom is used to providing the best Hajj services reign of the late King Abdulaziz, May Allah bless his soul!
In this context, the head of the Turkish Medical Hajj Mission, Salaami Ajan, has expressed his deep and sincere gratitude to the Saudi Government for providing all such services for pilgrims, making clear that such efforts are exerted with Allah's guidance in the first place, and under the supervision of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, May Allah protect him, and the Ministry of Health (MOH).
For his part, the head of the Somali Medical Hajj Mission, Hassan Al-Sheikh Mohammed, has affirmed that the Ministry of Health provides excellent services, notwithstanding the large number of pilgrims. He also praised the terrific performance shown by all hospitals and health centers in terms of curative and ambulatory services, and in the field of health awareness. It didn't escape his notice, also, to laud the Saudi Government's endeavors to provide the best, highest and fullest services for pilgrims.
Likewise, the head of the Algerian Medical Hajj Mission has extended his thanks and gratitude to the Saudi Government for its unparalleled efforts exerted for the sake of pilgrims. He placed special emphasis on the MOH's efforts meant to provide high-quality curative services for Allâh's guests, by means of carrying out all that is effective in improving the curative services provided in all the Kingdom's health facilities. This is especially embodied in the development of these facilities and supplying them with advanced medical equipment. He added that the Algerian mission has noticed the leading steps taken by the MOH, most notably the reception, guidance and treatment of pilgrims, aside from affording all the medical examinations and medications, without requiring and any additional money from the pilgrim or his Hajj mission. He went on to say that all such achievements should come as no surprise, as the Saudi Government has always been known for providing the best health services for the pilgrims.
The head of the Omani Medical Hajj Mission, Dr. Abdullah Al-Jamri, on the other hand, has stated that the Kingdom's efforts in all fields emphasize its keen interest in improving the services provided for pilgrims, out of which the health services are the first and foremost. The Ministry of Health, he stressed, does its best in pursuit of serving pilgrims to the full, by providing curative, ambulatory and health-awareness services, once pilgrims get into the Saudi land, until they are safely back to home. He expressed his appreciation for all the efforts exerted in the various health sectors.
In the same vein, the head of the Jordanian Medical Hajj Mission, Dr. Akram Al-Hadarnah, was quoted as saying, “The health services provided by the Saudi Government to the 'guest of Allah' are undoubtedly beyond description. It is crystal clear that the Kingdom seeks to meet all the pilgrims' needs since their arrival to the Saudi land, till their departure after performing the Hajj rites.”
Dr. Al-Hadarnah added, “The Ministry of Health provides its services with exceptional proficiency. This was reflected in its coordination concerning the role of the Jordanian Mission. Besides, the medical equipments of hospitals and health centers are indescribable. We have been granted the opportunity to see the various equipments during our visits to some of the Holy Places' hospitals and health centers in Makkah. We have also seen the impressive ambulances available there. Therefore, we would like to thank the Saudi Government for all its efforts exerted in pursuit of serving the guests of Allah.”

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