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Ministry of Health: 98% of Pilgrims Vaccinated in their Countries
07 November 2011
   Dr. Ziad bin Ahmed Memish, Assistant Deputy Minister for Preventative Medicine and Head of the Hajj Preventive Medicine Committee, has announced that the number of the pilgrims vaccinated in their countries, right before setting out for Hajj, has amounted to 1.760.233 pilgrims, as reported by all the land, sea and air ports, making up 98% of the total number pilgrims this year.
Dr. Memish pointed out that the number of pilgrims vaccinated against polio in the different ports and airports is 532.800 persons, whereas a number of 365.777 pilgrims (those who had not taken the necessary vaccination) have taken preventive medications in ports and airports.
Dr. Memish added that the number of those vaccinated against meningitis in Makkah is 399.442 persons (citizens and residents alike), in addition to 102.584 persons in Madinah.
It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Health has implemented the plan of health control centers in 15 land, sea and air ports throughout the Kingdom, for such ports function as gates for health monitoring, and the first defense line against the onset and spread of contagious diseases.
Furthermore, the health monitoring centers provide several services for pilgrims, including raising health awareness and disseminating educational brochures, as well as broadcasting awareness programs in all languages on display screens.
Health monitoring centers will continue to provide curative and ambulatory services for pilgrims until 15/1/1433H (10/12/2011), to ensure that all pilgrims are back to their countries after Hajj, safe and healthy.
It is worth mentioning that health-monitoring centers are responsible for following up counting and recording pilgrims, and determining the sort of service to be provided for them, as regards the various vaccines and medications, as well as the medical and non-medical equipment and appliances, and advanced ambulances. It also has to do with the provision of sufficient manpower for operating these centers around the clock during Hajj.
Among the tasks assigned to health monitoring centers, also, is to ensure that pilgrims have taken the needed preemptive vaccination in their countries prior to Hajj, and that they already obtain international certificates of vaccination against yellow fever and meningitis, so as to revaccinate pilgrims who have not formerly taken such vaccinations, or give them the proper preventive medication. These centers are also responsible for the provision of urgent ambulatory and curative services for pilgrims, in addition to checking on the foods and medicines brought by pilgrims, and ascertaining their validity. Besides, they work in coordination with veterinary clinics to ban diseased and unhealthy imported meat and chicken from entering into the Kingdom.

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