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WHO: The MOH's Efficiency in Controlling Epidemics and Organizing Hajj Agglomerations Was “Beyond Description”
07 November 2011
The World Health Organization (WHO) has acclaimed the health services provided by the Ministry of Health for pilgrims, and praised the Kingdom's capability of overcoming the difficulties of handling the health of such immense human agglomerations.

The Organization further pointed out that it, represented by its team participating in the Hajj season, has been a witness to the significant successes achieved by the Ministry of Health during Hajj, placing special emphasis on the fact that the Hajj season of this year was completely free of epidemic and endemic diseases, and shedding light on the advanced medical equipment and highly qualified and well-trained staff.
In the same context, Dr. Jawad Al-Mahjour, WHO's Director for Combating Communicable Diseases, assigned by the Organization to inspect the health services provided by the Ministry of Health for pilgrims, has acclaimed the colossal efforts exerted by the Ministry of Health during Hajj. The fact that the Hajj season is completely free of epidemic and endemic diseases, he said, is in itself an indication of success, and an evident reflection of the terrific preventive and curative services provided by the Ministry of pilgrims.
He added that the health services provided by the Ministry have been immensely developed since 1997, when he was the Head of the Moroccan Hajj Mission.

Dr. Al-Mahjour further expounded that the WHO participates with 3 members in this year's Hajj season; the three of them are experts in the field of combating communicable diseases. This reflects the Organization's concern about such diseases, given the Hajj season is regarded a fertile environment for the transmission of contagion.

The health services provided by MOH in the Holy Places have been given special recognition by Al-Mahjour, who pointed out that the committee has familiarized itself with the many hospitals, health centers and emergency centers spread out here and there in (and in the surroundings of) the Holy Places (Mena, Arafat and Muzdalifah). The committee was also impressed by the high-tech medical equipment and highly qualified staff supporting these health facilities.

As far as the Ministry's services in the field of screening and combating communicable diseases are concerned, Dr. Al-Mahjour was quoted as saying: “We have found all health facilities well equipped and fully prepared for epidemiological surveillance and detection. Also, the staff involved have been trained at the highest medical and technical levels. Besides, huge resources have been allocated for the expeditionary control of communicable diseases. Consequently, thank goodness, the Hajj season is entirely free from such diseases; which reflects in the first place the success of the preventive efforts exerted by the Saudi Ministry of Health.”

For his part, Dr. Al-Hassan Al-Beshri, a WHO member, has commended the health efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Ministry of Health, asserting that the Organization has already noticed numerous health accomplishments, all driving to preserving the pilgrims' health and safety. Meanwhile, he thanked the MOH for getting the WHO involved in its meetings, as well as allowing it to inspect workflow in its different health sectors.

Dr. Al-Beshri added that the WHO has briefed on the far-reaching and well studied plans carried out by the MOH, and were overtly reflected in the amazing results and outcomes evident on the ground. He went on to say that the curative and preventive services provided by the MOH are beyond description, as the KSA managed to overcome the hardships and risks of such huge human agglomerations, which added much to its expertise in Mass Gathering Medicine.

Dr. Al-Beshri concluded by saying that such successes are brought about by the help and guidance of Allah in the first place, and then by the gracious support and patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, May Allah protect them, in addition to the supervision of His Excellency the Minister of Health.

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