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A Medical Team at Heraa Hospital Manages to Rescue a Syrian Pilgrim's Eye
06 November 2011
   A medical team at Heraa Hospital has performed a successful surgery on a Syrian woman-pilgrim, 75, who had her eyeball burst after undergoing an accident, resulting in wounding the cornea and sclera of her left eye. The medical team who performed the surgery was led by Dr. Amr Rushdi, the renowned ophthalmologist.
Dr. Rushdi said that the pilgrim's case, when she reached at the hospital, was apparently critical, as she the upper part of her eye was damaged. The eye reformation surgery has been immediately performed. This fast surgical intervention proved effective, with Allâh's help, in making success of the operation.
For her part, Dr. Amenah Flatah, director of the hospital's Eye Center, explained that that the center usually receives a number of eye injuries during the Hajj season (including high eye-pressure cases). Such cases require fast medical intervention, she added. Dr. Amenah advised pilgrims to be cautious in overcrowded places, especially when performing the rite of stoning (jamarat). She underscored the importance of being cautious for those who had formerly undergone eye surgeries, as they are more susceptible to setbacks, and, accordingly, complications.
The Syrian woman-pilgrim, for her part, has expressed her great pleasure with the successful surgery. She said, “I was afraid that I would not be able to perform the Hajj rites. I made massive efforts to come along to the land of the Two Holy Mosques to perform the Hajj, thus fulfilling my most precious aspiration.”
“My health situation when I got into the hospital was extremely bad,” she added. “And I was obsessed with fears that I would not manage to perform the rites, but, thanks be to Allâh, the surgery was a success, and I shall be able to fulfill my desired aspiration by performing the Hajj rites.”
Meanwhile, she expressed her deepest and most sincere gratitude to the Wise Leadership for providing all such impressive medical potentials for the service of Allâh's guests. Also, she treasured the efforts exerted by the medical team who undertook the surgery.

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