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Makkah's Maternity and Children Hospital Witnesses the 1st Case of Birth in the Holy Places
06 November 2011
​On the Day of Tarwiah, 8/12/1432H, falling on 4/11/2011, the Maternity and Children Hospital (MCH) has witnesses the first case of birth; as the Nigerian lady pilgrim, Safeyyah Ahmed, gave birth to a baby girl, and named her: Nana Ferdaws.

Mrs. Sefeyyah said she was happy to perform Hajj and give birth to her child in the Holy Places, affirming that her happiness was even doubled when she learned the hospital is going to move her to stand at Arafat; thereby completing the Hajj rites.

For his part, Dr. Waleed Al-Omari, director of the hospital, has stated that the hospital, just as all the health sectors throughout the Holy Places, has taken all the measure necessary for the hospital to be fully prepared for the reception of the 'guests of Allah'; given it is the only hospital specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Makkah.

Speaking of Hajj in case of pregnancy, he explained that the pregnant woman might undergo some complications during Hajj, such as inflammation caused by the congestion of huge agglomerations of pilgrims coming along from all over the world. Another complication could be fatigue and exhaustion, owing to walking for long distances, giving way to probable cramps in the lower abdomen and back pains. Also, she might suffer from severe drought due to not drinking sufficient liquids; let alone the vulnerability of bodily injuries owing to overcrowding, leading up to severe complications affecting the safety of the mother, as well as the fetus.

The director of the Maternity and Children's Hospital, in Makkah, Dr. Waleed Al-Omari, advised pregnant women planning to set out for Hajj to take all that is necessary for her during Hajj, including loose clothing and medicines, placing special emphasis on the necessity of drinking adequate liquids.

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