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Unprecedented Nursing Preparations for the Hajj Season
06 November 2011
   The director of nursing at Mena Emergency Hospital has affirmed that the nursing preparations dedicated for this year's Hajj season is unprecedented. All nurses, males and females alike, have undergone training courses, placing special emphasis on those participating in the Hajj program for the first time. These courses, she added, including training nurses on how to handle critical cases, how to behave in intensive care units, and how to handle samples, statistics, and patient follow-up forms, in addition to getting familiarized with the newly introduced dialysis devices.
The nursing director went on to say that the number of nurses (of both genders) working for Mena Emergency Hospital is 132 nurses, along with 20 other nurses belonging to the visiting medical staff program, specialized in intensive care, emergency and sterilization. She also revealed that Saudi nurses make up about 80% of the entire nursing staff, and that 88% of nurses are females, whereas males are no more than 12%. About 75% of the intensive care nurses are Saudis, she added. It did not escape her notice to emphasize that all the Saudi nurses are enthusiastically longing for serving pilgrims and obtain, thus, Allah's recompense. Numerous requests to participate in the Hajj season have been received from Saudi nurses, she said.
She has also affirmed that all the members of the medical team involved in this year's Hajj season have long experiences in work for various hospitals throughout the Kingdom.
For her part, Suzan Abdulrahman, Deputy Director of Nursing at Mena Emergency Hospital, said, “Indeed, we become very highly spirited whenever serving pilgrims around the clock, making good use of the culminated experiences we got to acquire over the past years in Hajj healthcare services.”
Suzan added that nurses are massively encouraged by the immense medical services provided by the Kingdom for the provision of the best and fullest services for the 'guests of Allah'.

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