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Arafat General Hospital Witnesses the 1st Laparoscopic and Appendectomy Surgeries
06 November 2011
   Yesterday, 5/11/2011, Arafat General Hospital witnessed the first laparoscopic surgery in the Holy Places, by using bronchoscopy, during this Hajj season 1432H.
Dr. Ali M. Al-Ghamdi, an intensive care consultant, head of intensive care unit at Arafat General Hospital and Head of the medical team that performed the surgery, said that the team, praise be to God, has succeeded in performing a surgery on an Indian pilgrims at the age of 75 who came to the hospital referred from another hospital in Madinah suffering from respiratory failure due to respiratory secretions as a result of the inflammation of the trachea and bronchi.
Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi added, a laparoscopic surgery was performed with the use of bronchoscopy, as his case was diagnosed, the respiratory secretions were removed and the appropriate analysis was performed on him.
For his part, Dr. Ahmed Al-Kharroubi, Director-General of Arafat General Hospital, indicated that this device is one of the several devices were provided by the Ministry of Health in the Holy Places during this Hajj season 1432H, and it is one of the most advanced medical devices in the world.
On a related matter, Dr. Al-Kharroubi pointed out that Arafat General Hospital has conducted the first appendectomy surgery this year in the hospitals of Arafat on a security man aged 25 years working in Arafat and suffering from appendicitis.
Dr. Ahmed Al-Kharroubi, Director-General of Arafat General Hospital, went on to say that the patient was referred to the Hospital, where surgery was performed successfully by Dr. Omar Tawfiq, consultant and head of general surgery department at the hospital, and, thank goodness, the patient is now enjoying good health.

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