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MOH: Navigation Devices for Controlling Ambulances in the Holy Places
06 November 2011
   The Ministry of Health has equipped ambulances working in the Holy Places with high-tech navigation devices directly connected with the Control Room in the MOH Headquarters. These devices enable to locate the ambulance and determine its movements, thereby facilitating controlling, or directing it in cases in overcrowding or emergency.
Dr. Tariq Al-Arnous, Director-General of Emergency and Ambulatory Services at the Ministry of Health, pointed out that navigation devices have become indispensible for all ambulances, as they help locate them, and thus conducting the necessary communications in cases of imperious obstacles, requiring medical field teams to provide in-place curative services. Al-Arnous further explained that through the screen-maps of the Holy Places available at the Control Room, locating ambulances, wherever they are, would be very feasible.

Last Update : 14 November 2011 11:44 AM
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