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MOH, more than 28,000 Cases are Received by the Forensic Medical Services Center in Riyadh

Forensic Medical Services Center in Riyadh received more than 28,000 medical and pastoral cases during the first half of this year 2023. Ministry of Health in Riyadh said that the total number of medical and legal cases received by the center amounted to (28,003) cases, which included poison control cases, legal cases, criminal cases, suspects from investigation authorities, public prosecution, and legal medical neighborhoods cases. MOH indicated that the cases related to poison control amounted to (24061) cases, while the number of cases related to forensic services amounted to (625) cases, in addition to (3317) cases that included forensic medical or criminal suspected deaths from investigation and public prosecution authorities, and forensic medical neighborhoods cases. MOH explained that the center was able to raise the quality of data for death affairs in Riyadh region, contribute to improving the coding of more than 9,000 deaths, and train Saudi board doctors in the specialty of forensic medicine. MOH noted that the center, during the same period, launched the electronic link system (Sadeed) for forensic medicine in Riyadh region as the first region in the Kingdom for the system to be commissioned. It is noteworthy that the center has achieved many qualitative achievements, as forensic poison services obtained a certificate of accreditation from the Saudi Center for Accreditation (SAAC) for applying the standards of the Central Council for Accreditation and passing the evaluation, in accordance with requirements of the lSO/IEC 17025J standard, and these services also received CAP accreditation renewal.

Last Update : 31 July 2023 11:02 AM
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