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MOH, Offers Advice on Swimming to Avoid Risks of Drowning, Especially for Children, after Recording 275 Cases within Six Mo
26 July 2023

Ministry of Health has warned against negligence in dealing with families with children who do not have the ability and experience to swim, which causes drowning in children, which leads to a number of deaths and injuries. The importance of this lies in the fact that children are the group most at risk of drowning, especially children and individuals who live near open water sources and swimming pools. During the past 7 months, the Red Crescent Authority has recorded 275 reports of drowning in swimming pools in the Kingdom different regions, including 54 cases of drowning in Riyadh, 95 cases in Makkah, 19 cases in Al-Madinah, 31 cases in the Eastern region, 13 cases in Asir, 20 cases in Al-Qassim, 3 cases in Hail, 6 cases in Tabuk, and no cases were recorded in the northern borders, 23 cases in Jizan, 6 cases in Najran, 4 cases in Al-Baha and one case in Al-Jawf. In conjunction with that, Ministry of Health launched an awareness campaign under the slogan "Your Summer is your Guest", which aims to educate the community about the most important health tips during the summer period, the most important of which is the advice about swimming, as drowning is the third most important cause of death from accidents in the world. Ministry of Health showed how to prevent drowning by supervising children when swimming, and ensuring that there is an adult closer to them in anticipation of any drowning incident, in addition to teaching children to swim from a young age while teaching them methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and checking safety measures in swimming pools and its surrounding barriers, making sure that the surroundings of the pool are free of stones, glass, or any sharp tools, or any tools that lead to slipping or obstruction, and that children who do not know how to swim wear a life jacket (Vest) to prevent drowning, and also make sure that the pool is unexposed and closed with a fence.

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