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MOH: Tabuk Paramedic Frequently Left his On-Call Duty and Adversely Affected Critical Emergency Cases
09 July 2024

The Ministry has uncovered serious violations committed by a paramedic who repeatedly withdrew from his shifts without excuse or informing his management or colleagues during the shift He was penalized with a two-year suspension for violating Articles 5 and 8 of the Health Professions Practice System, after his repeated withdrawal from on-call duty despite previous penalties imposed on him.The ministry stated that the employee holds the position of "paramedic", where his violations of not complying with emergency on-call shifts and leaving them were repeated, and he was previously sentenced for that. It pointed out that this violation has negative effects on the provided service, as it also exposes patient safety to risks, which is a behavior that contradicts the ethics of the health profession. His absence caused delays in providing emergency assistance and transporting several patients who were in critical condition, as well as increasing the workload on other practitioners during the on-call period.The MOH announced that the violator has been penalized with the suspension of his license until he is rehabilitated. He is not allowed to apply for a new license until at least two years have passed since the suspension decision, and he must pay a fine of 20,000 riyals to be deposited in the state's treasury.​

Last Update : 10 July 2024 01:39 PM
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