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MOH: No New Food Poisoning Cases Were Recorded Over the Past Five Days
03 May 2024

The Ministry of Health announced that no new cases of food poisoning have been recorded in the last five days of the outbreak that was recently monitored, explaining that the number of reported cases reached 75 cases, including 69 citizens and 6 residents.​The MOH indicated that 50 confirmed cases have been diagnosed with food poisoning (Clostridium Botulinum(, noting that 43 cases have recovered and left the hospital, 11 hospitalized cases, 20 cases are being monitored in intensive care units, and one death case.The Ministry stated that all these cases were linked to the same source of the food poisoning outbreak, pointing out that the combined efforts of the relevant government agencies controlled the outbreak. They continue follow up and provide health care to hospitalized cases, wishing them a speedy recovery.​The Ministry of Health called for the necessity of taking instructions and information from its official sources and not circulating rumors and misinformation.

Last Update : 05 May 2024 11:08 AM
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