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Expatriate Female Health Practitioner Suspended for 4 Months Due to Illegal Practice
21 April 2024

The Ministry of Health (MOH) referred a number of medicine imposters and violators of health practices that violate professional duties and ethics to the Public Prosecution, in order to ensure the safety of citizens and residents.

MOH stated that the woman was working at a medical complex in a specialty for which she did not possess the required qualification determined by the provisions. The ministry also detected that the woman was continuously publishing commercial advertisements without any scientific bases. As a result, a specialty and advertisement violations were issued, in addition to a temporary suspension from practicing the health profession for a period of 4 months. 
MOH called on the necessity of adhering to the health requirements included in the health regulations, and the preventive procedures and measures followed in the Kingdom. It also called upon the society in general to take health services from licensed facilities and persons, and that advertising licenses in places where services are provided is a right of patients, and to stay away from those medicine imposters, and the centers which are not approved to provide health services. The regulations consider the rights of practitioners and the rights of patients and are sufficient to enhance patient safety and protect practitioners and the medical profession. Article Two of the Law on the Practice of Health Professions affirms the prohibition of practicing any health profession except after obtaining a license, as stated in Article Thirteen of the same Law prohibits examining patients in places other than those designated for that purpose. Article 10 also prohibits health practitioners from advertising and publicizing their person directly or through mediation.
It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health’s compliance teams conduct periodic monitoring and inspection tours and follow up on what is published on various social platforms to preserve the safety of patients, public health, and preserve the honor of the medical profession.

Last Update : 30 April 2024 10:09 AM
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