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8 hospitals and 43 Healthcare Centers in Makkah Gear Up for Ramadan
13 March 2024

Makkah Health Cluster has announced its readiness for the holy Ramadan season. It has completed operational plans for all hospitals and affiliated healthcare centers in Makkah to provide integrated medical services at the highest level, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health (MOH). Eight hospitals and 43 healthcare centers have completed all preparations to implement the plans. Ajyad Emergency Hospital operates around the clock to provide health care to Grand Mosque visitors. Additionally, three emergency centers are available in the Holy Mosque's corridors, all equipped with the latest equipment to deal with emergency cases. The Al-Haram Hospital is operated in the northern courtyards of the Grand Mosque.The Health Cluster has harnessed all capabilities to train personnel and provide all requirements and needs and work continues in all outpatient clinics in all hospitals and centers to receive beneficiaries and provide them with the highest level of healthcare. Also, the work is carried out in a highly smooth and streamlined manner between all centers and hospitals affiliated with the Makkah Health Cluster to provide health services between them. This ensures that cases are accepted and transferred between hospitals according to the medical condition in the fastest way possible to promptly ensure health care provision.All hospitals in Makkah deal with stroke cases via the hotline and in connection with the SEHA Virtual Hospital. They adhere to international standards to deal with stroke cases and save lives.King Abdullah Medical City is the reference hospital specializing in heart and stroke cases. Cases are transferred to it according to the internationally specified time to deal with strokes as quickly as possible through the management of eligibility for treatment and medical coordination in the Cluster.Al-Noor Specialist, King Faisal, King Abdulaziz, Hira General, Ajyad, and Maternity and Children Hospitals also deal with all cases through emergency departments that are fully equipped to deal with emergency cases.​It is noteworthy that the Makkah Health Cluster provides health care services to the guests of Al Rahman throughout the year, with unlimited support from the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness Crown Prince, and the directives of His Excellency the Minister of Health to provide health services with high quality and efficiency throughout the year for citizens, residents, and visitors to Al-Ka’bah, including pilgrims and Umrah performers. 

Last Update : 14 March 2024 11:42 AM
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