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MOH Discusses Recent Advances in Diabetic Foot with the Participation of Experts and Specialists
02 March 2024

The Ministry of Health (MOH) organized the second Diabetic Foot Conference which was held in Riyadh, from February 27 to 28, with the participation of 45 local and regional speakers, experts, and specialists, to discuss the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic foot, and to shed light on methods of prevention and management of diabetic foot problems. This comes as part of MOH’s efforts to improve the level of health care and scientific cooperation to reduce disease complications and build a better healthier society.
The conference aims to enhance awareness about risks and self-care and provide a platform for communication between specialists and those interested in this field, in addition to exchanging knowledge about the latest developments in diagnosis and treatment. It also aims to improve the level of health care and scientific cooperation to reduce complications of diabetic foot. It is worth noting that 45 local and regional speakers participated in the conference, and its activities included 4 workshops and dialogue sessions to share the latest developments and transfer experiences at the Gulf level, along with 8 specialists from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq. The number of those registered for the Diabetic Foot Crisis Conference reached approximately 1,800 participants in various specializations, including doctors, nurses, and health personnel, in addition to 4 centers specialized in diabetic foot, and 4 scientific societies in the field.
The Second Diabetic Foot Conference contributes to enhancing awareness among health professionals and researchers about the latest technologies and methods in diagnosis and treatment. It also contributes to enhancing understanding and exchanging experiences, to achieve advanced care for diabetic foot patients and reduce the occurrence of complications.
It is noteworthy that the Diabetic Foot Conference received broad participation from experts and researchers, and many working papers were discussed; thus encouraging research and innovation and contributing to improving health services provided to diabetics.

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