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The Healthcare System Makes a Quantum Leap Through Ada’a Health Initiative
27 February 2024

Under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Health, Mr. Fahd Al-Jalajel, the Ada’a Health Initiative organized a ceremony today. This initiative measures the performance of the Saudi healthcare system, which in turn has achieved quantum leaps in line with Saudi Vision 2030 through the implementation of the health transformation program by raising and improving the efficiency of the health sector in order to achieve integrated and comprehensive healthcare by improving the quality of health services provided to citizens and residents.
In his speech, Aljaljel explained that the average of hospitalized patients decreased from 6.5 days to 4.5 days, which means saving about 13,000 beds, the equivalent of 5 medical cities.
He added that the rate of those served within 4 hours increased from 36% in 2017 to 85% in 2022, with an improvement rate of 137%, while the cardiac stroke mortality rate decreased to 15%, achieving outstanding standards of best practices.
He also indicated that the rate of improvement in the health system performance from 2017 until now has increased by 40.1%, while the number of weekly operations rose from 2,000 to 8,400 operations. The Ministry of Health is working to achieve the target for this year of 10,000 operations per week.
“Ada’a Health Performance” has witnessed a significant expansion in covering various aspects of health care, including specialized tracks such as the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, the modern healthcare model, the clinical audit, support services, and the Innovation Center.
The great external participation in Ada’a Health Initiative reflected global interest in the efforts made by the Kingdom in developing the health sector, and the quality and efficiency of the system, in a way that contributes to improving the quality of life and services provided to beneficiaries in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

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