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MOH Launches Remote EEG Network at Seha Virtual Hospital
15 February 2024
MOH Launches Remote EEG Network at Seha Virtual Hospital
The Deputy Minister of Health, Engineer Abdulaziz Al-Rumaih, inaugurated today the EEG network project at Seha Virtual Hospital, to provide a remote network of EEG services to many health facilities affiliated with the Ministry in various regions of the Kingdom, in addition to training cadres on how to use these devices. This comes as part of MOH efforts to facilitate access to healthcare services and developing them and to contribute to achieving the goals of the health sector transformation program to achieve a vibrant society and a comprehensive, effective, and integrated health system, based on the health of the individual and society, in accordance with the Saudi Vision 2030.
The project is considered one of the most important digital health projects in the Kingdom. It provides distinguished medical services to patients with neurological and brain diseases all over the Kingdom. The project includes the use of modern technologies to diagnose and treat these diseases, and the training and qualification of medical and technical personnel specialized in this field.
Qualified medical staff in the virtual hospital monitor the devices 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the final EEG report will be issued by a consultant specialized in the field. Doctors can also request medical consultation for inpatients in all hospital departments, and for outpatients of all age groups.
The project aims to improve healthcare services, transfer medical and technical expertise, exchange knowledge, and facilitate access to healthcare services. The remote electroencephalography network project was approved as one of the main services in the “Seha Virtual Hospital” to contribute to meeting the workforce needs in the Ministry’s hospitals and reduce waiting times for outpatient clinics, in addition to meeting the needs of patients in critical care and reducing the rate of transferring patients from one hospital to another or one region to another.
It is noteworthy that the network spreads over 24 hospitals in different regions and includes 42 advanced EEG devices directly linked to the “Seha Virtual Hospital”, and the service team specialized in electroencephalography, which enables them to provide medical services with high efficiency and distinguished professional standards.

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