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Widespread International Interest in Antimicrobial Resistance, Says Dr. Balkhi at Global Health Exhibition
30 October 2023

​​​​Professor Hanan Balkhi, the WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, talked about Antimicrobial Resistance at the dialogue session organized by the Global Health Exhibition, in the presence of an elite of officials, experts, and those interested in the healthcare fields.

At the session moderated by Mr. Rakan Bin Dahish, the MOH Assistant Undersecretary for International Cooperation, Dr. Hanan stated that all sectors use antibiotics to preserve life, whether for humans, plants, or agriculture. She also highlighted the Kingdom’s plan to host the Fourth Ministerial Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance this November 2023 through which it is aspired to achieve worthy outcomes compatible with its organization. This conference was preceded by three ministerial conferences, the last of which was in the Sultanate of Oman.
She added that the Global Health Exhibition in its current edition has great programs, including global initiatives and efforts to reduce antimicrobial resistance, and what needs to be done, whether in the healthcare, livestock, or environmental sectors.
Balkhi praised the 6th edition of the Global Health Exhibition 2023, saying: “It was great, especially the scientific sessions that accompanied it, which will contribute to learning about the latest developments in all healthcare sectors, exchanging ideas and works, and the efforts exerted whether at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or all over the world”. She confirmed that everyone must invest in health as individuals in an effort to improve the health of the person himself as being responsible for accomplishing all work, and without healthy human being nothing can be achieved in the world.”
The Global Health Exhibition is an event to discover new and future horizons for the latest experiences in the logistics of medical services at the Arab and international levels, and an opportunity to showcase the latest tools and technologies used for healthcare solutions.

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